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Jason Keyser - Unattainable Zero lyrics

Presence / to absence / in a universe / of sand
Tear down / the firmament / Its pillars / are without substance
Recursive / abstracting / shift the paradigm / fall deeper and deeper
The sum / of conjecture / Where numbers / exceed their numbers
Of form and function
From being to becoming
Abort / the pregnant void / Unmake the one / k**ing the cause
Castrate / sever the ties / Connecting thought / philosophy scorned
Branded / symbol of Hell / Burned in the flesh / of criminals
Empire / built on a lie / razed in a dream / of permanence
No greater times are coming left to behold
Blurred conception, of idolatry
The enemy of destiny reduced to core
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Sole element of all apparent
Hatred / the obvious
Axioms are overthrown
Everywhere and nowhere
Parallel to infinity
Indivisible incommensurable irrational / I stand omitted [2x]
Microcosms materialize the elusive singularity
Value of force mechanics of none labyrinth epiphany
Perpetual complexity hidden behind nothing that is
Limitless cause eternal cost destroyer
Perseverance of nil
Omnipresent equation
Redundant causality
The absence of the inversion

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