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Jason Keyser - Thrall:Fulcrum:Apex lyrics

Trials and Degenerations of an unjumped Demigod
Corrupted and Adultered seething with a burning urge to
Usurp/ The Highest Orders
Bend/ The Darkest Matter
Reshape/ In His Own Image
The Very Pattern of the Universe
Resolution only frailty stagnant duty lack intention
Vows untendered promises to bring about The Great Dismantling
d**h/ Venerated
Reach/ Depths of Power
Slay/ The Supplicants
Accolades that fill the coffers balance out life abundance
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Assa**inate galactic scale a holocaust with just a single thought
Never to be a Thrall
The Rhapsody of the despot/ Eternal will bend the Knee
Tightening the grip on the reigns/ Fabric of reality
Supremacy begets supremacy/ Schisms begin to break
Dichotomized opposition/ A faulted oblivion
Pinnacle of hate
Arise/ Unchecked unchallenged
Reign/ Through brutality
Destroy/ Everything that's sacred
Raze the kingdom of the spheres
Meridian peak of power/ Solidified in wanton slaughter
Desire for a silent empire/ All their lives are little more than dust

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