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Jason Keyser - Malthusian Collapse lyrics

Engorged in a rift of self-indulgency
While never accomplishing more
Than the split of our selves
Expand or die, expand and die
We leave behind a myriad of blight
Successfully breeding ourselves to un-creation
The champions of misanthropic dissertation
Remembered in legacies of shame
But solutions of voluntary deletion
Now forced doctrine with no escape from
The auto-anthropophagous regime
Intent on wiping away this mote in God's eye
Never before, never will end
Erase the cause before it begins
We do nothing but breathe indifference
A bloated expression of our contribution
The writhing ma**es are a sea of defeat
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Where we drown in the exponents we have created
The suffering quagmire spawned form out dreams
Our world is damned
We are damned
Expand or die, expand and die
Now our fears are coming true
Outpaced by weakness
There is no going back
Suicidal species
Blissfully unaware / decaying internally
Ego-synodic / suicidal species
We call this progress / None are accountable
Devour our fingers / nothing is left but bone
Living the nightmare / in every scenario
Screaming injustice / Between the cries for help
There have never been answers / Just illusions of fallacies
We don't deserve this / We don't deserve anything

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