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Jason Keyser - All Things Dead lyrics

An insatiable lustful frenzy
To expand far beyond the outermost shell
Assimilate to duplicate - (Procreate)
Begetting the core cell
Ma** production - (Ma** consumption)
Devour inordinately outside of our means
Excessively manipulating - (Multiply)
Begetting the genetic seed
All things dead [2x]
All things dead [2x]
One to many
Back to none
The process of natural selection
Altered by the development of the mind
Genetic re-combinative mutation
Further narrowing the elite design
Adhere to the dominant of the food chain
Or fall prey to the path of the maligned
Purification by survival of the fittest
Purge, Delete, Sanctify
All subspecies fall to the wayside
An inherited design of the weak
Thus begins the hoarding of resources
Then the slaughtering of the meek
A copious harvest of bloodshed
Displacing gluttony in contempt
Crawling through desolate plains of ruins
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Bled dry
Scourge of the earth
Our ignorance, indifference, intolerance
In perpetual bliss
Oblivious to the damage
Cause and effect, spoils of the unfit
Overindulgence to taste
Laying to waste
Malicious intent without condolence
To the error of our ways
Complete depletion of sense
Delete a millennias worth
On a planet of disinterest
To our indigenous world of doom
That we destroyed
That we depleted
No one to blame
Our earth is k**ed
By living outside our means
Our own worst enemies
Technological inevitability
Of all dead
All things dead

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