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Jason Jaknunas - Parasite lyrics

Parasite, parasite X4

[Verse 1]
Parasite come along. (Parasite)
Parasite come as friend. (Parasite)
Live on monkey's back. (Parasite)
Make it sick and weak. (Parasite)
Parasite make it blind. (Blind)
Parasite make it deaf. (Deaf)
Parasite make it mute. (Mute)
Parasite make it dumb. (Dumb)

[Verse 2]
Parasite makes it see, what it wants it to see. (See)
Parasite makes it hear, what it wants it to hear. (Hear)
Parasite makes it say, what it wants it to say. (Say)
Parasite makes it think, what it wants it to think. (Think)

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Parasite takes it power. (Power)
Parasite takes it strength. (Strength)
Parasite takes it spirit. (Spirit)
Parasite takes it life. (Life)

Parasite, parasite - X6

But parasite needs a host
Can't live on it's own
Parasite needs a host-ah
Can't survive on it's own

Gotta take it power back. (Parasite) X8

Parasite, parasite - X8

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