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Jason Gray - Even This Will Be Made Beautiful, Pt. 2 lyrics

Between the thunder and the lightning’s flame
I knew the storm was just a mile away
But it surprised me just the same
When it blew my straw house down

Now standing in the aftermath
With no idea how to build it back
I wonder as I wander through the fields of ash
Is there hope to carry on?

Could this, even this, be made beautiful?

Growing up I was told the sun would always rise
And I believed because I was a child
But now it’s hard to tell the truth from the lies
When the child is fast asleep

Wake up little boy, I need your faith today
I need your innocence to show the way
When I’m too tired to trust that love will save the day
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And I need your eyes to see

Even this will be made beautiful
Even this will be made beautiful, beautiful

I know I shouldn’t worry
And I should not be afraid
I want to walk across the water
I want to rise above the crashing waves
But this fear in me is heavy
I’m scared it’s going to pull me down
So please reach out your hand
I don’t want to drown

Even this will be made beautiful, beautiful
Even this will be made beautiful, beautiful

There’s never been a night the morning couldn’t break
Or a heart that wasn’t forged in the fires of its own ache
What’s left after the storm is left for heaven’s sake
For the breaking and remaking of our hearts

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