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Jake Nicholas - Down lyrics

Stop stop
Moving body in different motions
Finally got me feeling emotions
Now you down n out n open
Oh shawty get that replay
Running around on some g shit
Young ma like yana
Long time like dana
She was tryna get tied up
My my my grind up
Down n mounding hold the line up
She was tryna get designer
Oh yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah..
Oh yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah..
Real hundreds like woah

Oh i been searching..

Real hundreds
I was running around like young money
She was tryna get off weak shit
Now i got her on rush running
I'm complaining about who else coming
I'm tryna be alone

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I been sipping wine like all the time
I been waving down like every night
I been tryna make 100 k
I been hustling for a better life
I was running towards every light
Woah woah

Roll over
I was down in october
I was down when i showed you
I was down to make mula
Tryna throne up like Hov
Now im praying way more ya

Feel the vibe..
I come alive
I call that real time
Real time
I call this down the road
Be about it

Im tryna reach my high
Noo no
Yeah i been searching..

Pulling up to the functions..
What I'd for you..

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