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Jake Nicholas - Continue lyrics

[Verse 1]
I know now…
I knowwww
I said i love life and i love you and that's all true
I swear i found you in that backroom on some old school
And i know you don't know but to me it's been old news
I love you
Yeah i love you
Jus understand that i was in for it from the first day
Just some things about our home plate
And i been hustling since grade 8
So you can see another payday
She always says that i know life
More than that i hold life
I know life
4 years i've wrote life
I said i been on board and in for it like all day
Maybe i should clear this shit up like it's broad day
When i hold you and you swear that you love me and you love life but you need this
Cuz i believe if i leave this
I know you'll finally see it
She said i got me some things that i could prove to ya
Shit i can't believe that i'd do for ya
All the hoops i'd jump thru for ya
I said that i got you and you got me like we should for it
I know that i'm on cuz i'm on top of you like the roof for ya

She said
I'm so easy to fall for
These encores
I write for you and you adore
You're my main but you want more
Cuz you love me but now you're sore
You're so sore..

She always say
Oo oo..

[Verse 2]
Baby im destined for greatness
I can't believe it imma say this
I might be in love but I just can't admit it
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I know that she hates this
But you just go too hard and that shit cool
Yah so bouncy
You got me
All the little things that you see in this
I don't even really see that shit
Cuz at the same time you put in so much effort
And i don't think I've ever known no better
Sep myself
Especially when she put the work underneath the belt
Cuz i been w baddies on baddies
Girls that said that they actually had me
But naturally they acting
Asses drop that's facts man
Found em in my scene that's action
Parties n high fashion
I gotta keep them in the paaaast tense
So how would i know if you're different?
Baby it could just be ignorance
But then same time you leaving evidence
Buying me presents i know i told u not to do that
Why you the hell you dooo that?
Cuz she just tryna prove that
Everything little thing about me
Every thing about you
Is even and cool
She wants that true
I don't know boo
A while ago she said it'll be me and you
Time long passed we still cool
Maybe it's true
Maybe it's true
Maybe it's me and you

I'll never knowww till that day comes

But i will say this
I love this chick
She so damn fine
I need this shit
I need this shit

Maybe i finally said it
I didn't mean it I regret
I don't know
I don't knooow

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