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Jake Nicholas - Redemption lyrics

[Verse 1]
Vibe with a homie
At least the ones that know me
I know a lot of ya'll will
But I doubt that she will be
5'5" when she down to earth
5'9" when she heeling
She was feening for attention heading to parties just scheming
Ooo I caught on so damn fast
But every night she said she loved me like i'd be the last
But I needed to leave for minute, bought her diamonds and shit
So she knew that I meant it
I was just trynna prevent it
But I had to hit the road I told her right back bae
She said it was too long like I was way too damn late
Calling her a cop cu she was good under the cover
Then I got back and she said she was with another
I was like you gotta be kidding me girl
No she wasn't
She was like you don't drink or smoke
So I hit the button
Don't ask me why I was young at the time
So I hit my homies up so I could vibe and be fine but I was killing inside

But now I'm vibing huh
See these white kids trynna hook(y)a on dabs
I ain't trynna be blunt but I had to put them in a (w)rap
This that new joint I've been cooking up in the lab
And I know that i'm crazy
I've been focused on money daily
I guess she wants the liquor so I'll be scoring with the swisher
I'm wit it
I'm wit it
Been gone for a quarter of a year only feel like a minute
I know I did it, I did it, I did it
Honestly and truthfully the new me is old news of who I knew I used to be
Ooo can you catch on?
I hope you can
Still cruising thru the city with my fam in a damn minivan
But here's the plan
I fired the shots now imma ball pistol Pete
Trynna make a mil from the home town just add the waukee
Ain't it crazy how these girls acting thotty
And their boys get mad at me cuz they can't control their bodies

You know I had to do it to em...
Yeah this is Redemption..

[Verse 2]
Watch their eyes rise
Their iris
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All black now they dye this
A funeral, closed eyelids
Backwards all knowing Siri
Replace R that's RiRi
She's displaying on TV
Triangles running gov and all of them CDs
She needs me
And I know that she do
Cuz late night she calls me asking if she can come thru
But what's the topic?
Life's sweet like cinnamon
Shots Fired changed it all too good need somore synonyms
I was just visioning

[Beat Change]

[Verse 3]
But it was all good..
Lights out..

But I got set up not the first time that happened
Third eye grew all because of that rapping
Only a couple people now
Now I feel abandoned
What if I was gone and over I can't even imagine
Let's say I'm Adam with eve
Walking thru the garden picking apples off the tree
Trynna get some satisfaction when I had all of it I need
But they were all filled with sin
But whatever too much I could tell ya beliedat
Couldn't keep my mind where my feet at
But let's say I'm Adam (Atom) just like the name I'm gonna blow
They ask how do I know
I just told me watch me go
I've been way down at the bottom now imma shine just watch me glow
I was in my room for 99 days
For about 99 ways
I kept slipping from the water, wasn't a current, just a lake
Just like Drake said Nothing Was The Same
Walking up to parties every person knows my name
But still got nobody at all except a couple kids
Shoutout to Swizzle, Keays, Emil, Nabih and Lunatic beliedat
People trynna add to my group but I just subtract
If anything people just become memories to be exact
I do that
All these people saying you got so much potential
Why you blowing it away not controlling like a rental
God said if I was honest he'd save my ass
And he did it was a miracle trynna pay him back
Swagged out in a bucket hat
Haha you suck at that
3 month gone moment of silence
But now I'm back....

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