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Jake Hill - Pewdiepie Song lyrics

Pewdiepie in this bitch with the 47 mil
Everybody wanna be him
Pimping the titties
The booby committee is bouncing around
And we shooting for 50
Racks on racks I ain't talking bout the cash got the boobies Looking at me and I'm feeling on her ass
Bro fist to the friends staying down til the end
Got love for the fans and the haters never win
How's it going bro
Felix in the cut with another funny clip
Hit the sub won't miss
Got the playlist jumping
Audio bumping
Do it for the bros and you know we all love it
Fuck it, I been up to something
Moving outta Alabama, back in a minute
Jae making animations hoping that I make it
We gon' make it mama
I ain't even worried bout no bull shit
Felix with the feature on his channel
That's some cool shit
Maybe this will get me some recognition
The repetition all I need to step on the bitches
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That ever tried to put me in the dirt
Give a shit about your feelings care if you get hurt
Speaking of hurt maybe I'll roast Ricegum and Keemstar
You both about the same, you like cum, you're retards
Rice you're notorious for all the shitty raps that you do
But even Jacob Sartorious slaps more than you
I ain't even tryna stunt on anybody
None of this is even really about anybody except for Felix
Gave me opportunities to show you
What the music do to me
I'm coming up and I can feel it
I'm sick of all the shitty rappers coming up to fame
Its like they aren't even trying
And then they somehow rep the game
I'ma shit on every single one of you
Could've kept my shitty job but this is really what I wanna do
Like I ain't even got a point to prove
Like, I'm just making music if you like it that's cool
But I'ma keep on doing it no matter if I make it
I will never try to be somebody else, I'll never try to fake it
I ain't going anywhere the haters never seem to phase me
I'ma keep on doing me cause the exposure is crazy
And I been really loving every single comment you're making
You got me cheesing like an idiot and Felix I appreciate it

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