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Jake Hill - Kinda Mad Kinda Not lyrics

[Verse 1]
Still been working at the same job
White Chevy and I'll never get a paint job
Keep the .38 locked in the glove box
Wanna try me we can rock the gloves on
Cause I never wanna fight nobody
Cause I got no money for the med bills
Ilya philly be shootin at 'em with them med sk**
After something bigger than a dream took a red pill
b**hes never get back with me
But I send a text still
Lightweight 2 shots to the face dead
Got no commas in my bank but I chase bread
First blood in my lane so I stay fed
You only care about the game what my ex said
Now you wanna hit me up
You see me comin up
Like I ain't see that sh** you're pulling
b**h you know I'll call your bluff
But all I need is my day ones
I've known 'em for 2 months
I swear if I make it I won't forget what i came from
I started from nothing, I'm talking literally nothing
I haven't seen a label yet but I can feel it, its coming
I got a pill in my stomach for when I'm scaling the summit
I'm shaking thinking about it
Never thought of what I'm becoming
I hate my old self
Never thought of anybody but my own self
But who am I kidding, f** everybody else
Like they in my business like they providing help
Like storyful, f** you, my sh** is my own sh**
I see you looking at me tryna get in my profit
Don't need your sh**ty promo cause I promise I got this
Don't got that much exposure but I'm never gon stop this
So s** on my cock, b**h

[Verse 2]
Aye Lil Dicky
Tryna see if you wanna get with me
Not in the gay way but maybe we can kick it
Talk about our cities and the sh** that
We been getting in, tryna do the funny rap
And having trouble fitting in
I don't got b**hes and I don't got hoes
But maybe we could pull them
If we ever did a show
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And take them back to the hotel
And make us some rotel
And take them on the bus
And maybe get us some road tail
Could never top the level
Of the cleverness of your analogies
I only made it to 11th grade, I hate it
But I'm proud of me
Vocabulary ain't the greatest
But i make it seem to be
I'd say we could get faded
But I had to stop the weed
Anxiety took over me
You lying don't get close to me
I'm trying to be something more
Than what I'm meant to be
My heart staying empty but I'm staying busy
I keep my brain occupied, several identities
(Uh, several Identities as in Jake Hill, DJBOOTYBUTT and Lil Pinecone)

[Verse 3]
b**h I been living low
Motherf**ers wanna see me choke
I'm the motherf**er with an all black soul
Never come and see me
When I'm only down the road
See me coming up and now you wanna be my bro
You know how it goes when you're making moves
Tryna get up out my city what I got to lose
But im pretty confident in my ability to really see who really
There for me and wanna see me
Make it in the industry my enemies befriending me
Its clear to me that entities have entered me
To show exactly what im meant to be
I put the past behind me
Cause i'm headed toward my destiny
I'm picking up the pieces i can't seem to find the rest of me
But maybe this is best for me
All the negative sh** thats going on around me was a test to me
I'm on a mission and im feigning for it desperately
I try to word it best
I can it to make it sound respectfully
But f** approval, i dont want a partnership
I'll just refuse 'em, they spark an interest in me
I just shut 'em down, defuse 'em
Kept my marbles in a jar
But I just seem to lose 'em
My haters are like h**n, I just abuse em

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