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Jake Hill - Game Over lyrics

[Verse 1]
(Okay I'm here, time to go into the room now)
I'm like ha ha, wait b**h you better slow down
You better take a piss
And I'ma see you in a minute
And we just got out the lobby
And the game is just beginning
(What the f** game is it?)
Battlefield 4 and the rounds last forever
So you better close the door
She like (oh my god
Every time I'm horny you got games on your mind
You never wanna f** me
When you're playing on your Xbox
Should've never got me in the mood
With your stupid a** s** talk)
I mean you can move if you wanna be my ex broad (What)
I'm just kidding baby see you in a minute
Now the chat talking sh** saying "f** that b**h"
I'm like you don't understand there's a tank hit the ditch
Cover me, cover me, I'ma run up on their 6
I gotta sniper on the roof and he gon' give em the dick
(Shut the f** up, you're being too loud
And im naked in the bed, Jake get off now)
I'm like hold up a second, we got 'em spawn trapped
And my whole squad wrecking
20 k** streak got me shaking and I'm sweating
This dude on the mic in my ear breathing heavy
Now I'm in the jet like
Oh my damn hit me with the soflam
I ain't got another flare
And they gon' take me to the ground
Eject on them b**hes
Turn around with the quickness
Got a rocket in their vision
Ain't no stopping me, I'm vicious
With the semi automatic popping on em like an addict
Got me creeping in the bushes
Talking sh** I wish they would
I'll sneak up on em with the knife
I got their tags in my sites
Take it, add em to my bag
We can do this all night (Jake hurry up)
Can't you see I'm in a game girl
Gimme a second, I like the way
You scream my name though
I been outta work all week
And I ain't even change clothes

[Verse 2]
Now I'm wiping up my tears
Baby cover your ears
I don't want you hear me
Crying at that part where Joel is dying
Ellie got him on the horse
And they just keep on trekking north
And then the winter time hits
Joel's dead? f** this
Oh damn she just met up with a guy
Looking shady in his eyes
Got his friend with him
Say they got some Penicillin
Wait, is Joel really dead
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Y'all f**ing with my mind
Why would she need penicillin
If he really died
He's alive, holy sh**
What a twist, now I'm pissed
This game is amazing
Story telling is crazy
Know my baby gon' hate me
Take a break, can't make me
I gotta keep on playing
So i see how Ellie save me
Now Ellie's in danger
David tryna k** her
And I gotta go and save her
You don't understand how important it is
To be the man in this situation
Gotta save the kid (It's a game)
It's more than a game, that's your issue
You don't even know about half the sh**
That I been through
Clickers everywhere and their creepy as f**
And that Bill guys a dick but he gave us a truck
You the one that's always playing trap queen
I'll be there in a minute lemme watch this giraffe scene

(Jake you are not crying over a video game)
No I'm not, stop

[Verse 3]
(Okay that's enough I'm sick of it
I'm going to my mom's house
If you ain't gonna have nothing to do with me
I miss the way it used be
You're not even the same
You only give a sh** about your stupid f**ing game)
I'm like baby come on now just calm down
I'm sorry, I won't do it again
I know you talking sh** about me to your friends
Just let me take you out to eat or something
Then I'll f** like we used to do when we were younger
You didn't even know my number
Now you got me saved as b**h boy
But two can play that game
I changed your name to f** toy
But you don't even f** me anymore

[Skit 2]
(You don't even f** me anymore)
Okay, look, the game's off
I turned it off, you see it (yes)
Okay, f**, let's go to the room
Hold on, let me grab my phone

[Verse 4]
So I can play Pokemon GO
There's a Gym down the road
I'll be back in a minute
I gotta meet up with my bros

I'm just kidding
I'm just kidding
Come on

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