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Jake Hill - Coke lyrics

[Verse 1]
Pulling out the drive way
Got her lookin at me sideways
I just really want some coke
Not the drug but the drink
And you know
What I'm meaning
When I'm saying i been feigning
Got the coke sign tatted on her back side
My baby coked out and she damn fine
Got me sweatin in the shower thinking about her
I just wanna give it to her
Lemme get a minute just to think about it
I can't live without it
Gotta get it and you know this
Pouring up the coke while I wrote this
I feel it in my blood I know I'm hopeless
Feel a rush for a minute now, I'm Cokeless
Got it heavy, on my brain
I just need a get away from the pain
Take a sip, got the fizz on my nose
I just really need a break from the name

And you got it, you got it, know that I'm bout it
I got that money if you showin that product
And you got it, you got it, know that I'm bout it
I got that money if you showing that product

[Verse 2]
Give it to me now, gotta get it know, I'm on the prowl
Never gave a f** about a motherf**ing problem
If you need the bands come and get it
Cause i got em
Never need a Zan
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Cause the Coke got me smiling
Driving down the road with the coke in my soul
With the gla** gripped tight and it never get old
Living low, for the night
Know its wrong but it feel right
Got me pouring up my cup 'til the sunlight
I know I've been distant
I been keepin to myself just me and my liquid
Girlfriends dont exist
Friendships gone stale
Put the bottle to my lips, I miss it
Lookin at my old texts
How stupid could I be to trade a bottle for a Rolex
Was it worth it, maybe I deserve it
Head held low and the bottle got me swerving
No Pepsi, you don't wanna test me
Allergic to the red, white, blue, god bless me
Keep it real, I'm just showing how I feel
All I need is that drink, and i never need a pill no
Last night drank like 12 cups
I know I can't stop cause the sugar got me stuck
I keep high hopes but I hope its enough
And the coke got me up but I'm down on my luck
I fell in love there was nothing I could do about it
Thought I had it in me but i cannot live without it
I see it in my dreams and it seems that it means
That I need it, i just wanna leave it
So this is where we are now
Got me staring at the sky with my guard down
I need a f**ing sign cause I'm sick of this
Staring at the can f** it I'ma take a sip it

I fell in love there was nothing I could do about it
But its all on me, its all on me, its all on me
I fell in love there was nothing i could do about it

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