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Jake Hill - We Die Too lyrics

[Beginning break]
"Help me, my brother's dead!"
"What's your name?"
"What do you mean by your brother's dead?"
"He k**ed himself!"
"How did he do it?"
"With his gun!"
"Okay, are you home alone?"
"I'm home alone with my sister!"
"Get someone here quickly!"
"Did you find him, Nicki?"
"Yeah, and now he's dead!"

[Verse 1]
You've been through some sh**
Through some sh**
Hold on tight, don't lose your sh**
You just like me
I'mma prove that sh**
Got a noose tied tight, better loosen it
Haven't slept all night, hallucinatin'
40 hours, mind is fadin
Heart is racin', grip your chest
Contemplate about your d**h
Nobody but you got you
f** everybody around you
They just doubt you
Maybe you think they'd be better off without you
Think your life don't mean sh**
f** it, what's the reason?
Wish I wasn't breathin'
All I do is resent
Anything and everything to do with me
I'm through with me
I pop the bottle
Swear to God I'm 'bout to swallow every dream
Give a f** about me
Don't try to surround me with your positivity
I'm happy with my misery
Just wanna watch my wrist bleed
Nobody would miss me
Pop some shells
Look down the barrel
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This is it
I'm feelin' it
I'm feelin' sick
I hope my family understands
I'm sorry this is really it
I'm sorry this is really it!

"Nicki, stay on the phone with me, hun, okay?"
(Nicki screams and cries hysterically)

[Verse 2]
Gunshot, middle of the front yard
Found the body
Questions always lurkin'
Answer's never comin'
Sick inside her stomach
Empty, feelin' nothin'
She forgot what love is
All black, life off track
Got no will to live, lost that
She just wants him brought back home again
She'll never get over it
Or ever learn to cope with it
No savin' her, she's over it
No savin' her, it's over

[Verse 3]
I've had some friends do the same sh**
Left me here just blamin' myself
Said they never got help
b**h, I was right here
All I do is fight tears
Look at me!
Now you're dead at 6 feet
Suicide on 5th street
f**in' p**y left a mother and a kid
Wonderin' what Daddy did
Daddy's in a better place
Said they had to hide the face
I just had to drive away
f** your funeral
I'm leaving you just like you left me, too
I'm sick of losing you

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