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Jake Hill - Substance lyrics

Do you even know my name
Even remember my face
I'm jumpin up on a plane
Just get me out of this place
I'm f**ing sick of all the sh** that I've been dealin' with
And you been f**in dealers anywhere you see 'em
Just so you can get a hit
f**ing worthless
Hope it hit you in the stomach when you f**ing heard this
Everybody looking out for you they don't deserve it
When I see you in the street you better not get nervous
I am at your service b**h
Take another perk thats all you ever been good for
You're headed for the dirt don't even care what you stood for
But you can't even stand right
You been swallowing them zans right?
Try to hide it but you can't fight it
Dead but walkin
You can't even speak because you stay pill poppin
Drown in alcohol dont wanna admit you got a problem
If you wanna fix it come and see me we can solve em
Weak a** b**h
I can see it in your ribs
Hope your mommy and daddy are proud of all the sh** you did
You dont even raise your kid
Where were you when he needed you
It's a pleasure to see that you
Suffer ever single second spending every second begging
For someone to put you out of your misery cause you shaking and dizzy
From the withdrawls of the scripts and the bottles
Acting like you were the only b**h with a problem
Coulda been something but rather hit rock bottom
Digusting, fall for anyone with a gram but you don't love me
Accept me for the way that I am but then you judge me
Now you got the blunt in your hand put it above me
Now you staying down for them trams don't wanna trust me
Detrimental to society the hatred burning for you deeply inside of me
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Get the f** away from me dont ever try me
Cause I regret every day that I let you beside me
You ain't nothing but a mother f**ing leech to me
So go and cry about it
b**h you wanna steal from me cause you can't go a night without it
Gave you a chance but then you f**ed up the plan
Don't even think you understand I f**in hate you
Don't want sh** to ever do with you
So get it through your head that im through with you
We used to cool but now I look like a fool
I can't believe that I was there for someone that never cared
Except for getting lit with her friends
Want it that bad, s** a dick for a hit b**h
Better yet, you're better off dead
Don't ever hit me up won't ever see you again
Was always there for you I thought you needed a friend
Nobody gonna be left for you we'll see in the end
Thought you were important but you were busy snortin
And you were lying to my face now why the f** would I support you
I'll go a little deeper how your mother is a tweaker
And I hope when you hear this you know you're following that cunt too
Yeah I'm getting personal, I'm done being merciful
I wish I could repair you but the damage ain't reversable
Actually f** that, I'm happy you're f**in up
Have fun with your sh** life I'm glad that I'm coming up
You coulda been apart of it but you were busy partying
And staying out every night with that kid that was supplying it
We see how that worked out
I'm cleaning the dirt out
You wasted a year and now you're back at that dirt house
Go smoke another blunt with that baby in the car
How f**in' stupid could you be don't even know who you are
Remember crying like a b**h when you were bout to get locked up
I shoulda made him take you but I wanted my cock s**ed
Daddy's little queen, doesn't know she is a fein
Let alone that she was good at taking dick and smoking weed
I'm through with every junkie that has ever f**ed me over
The best part about it is your d**h is coming closer

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