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Jaden Smith - Bike lyrics

[Verse 1: dylAn]
Have you ever had brunch on a Sunday?
Ahh, baby put your robe on
Come on baby girl, put some clothes on
We about to get our stroll on
Ever had soup with the wonton?
I be down for a falafel
Or I'll kick it at Lé Pain and get a waffle, hey
I be in the club without the bottles, hey
I be at the party with the models, hey
Or I'll be cruising in the Tesla, it's full throttle, hey, hey
Now if I said that I was Hancock
Would you go buy me some Stance socks
That'd be top notch, wearing drop crotch
And yeah, I can beatbox
Yeah, the beat knocks, yeah
That's ¿Téo? and the D'artiste
I be chillin' in the fleece
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And I k** it everyday when I'm in the streets
Have you seen this new MSFTS piece?
Jeez! When I'm in the streets
I be rocking a pair of Beats and I go freestyle on the beat, hey
I like the sandals on your feet, hey

[Outro: Willow Smith]
La, la, la, wind and rain
Can't stop me
I am on a roll now, and
Anyway, I can get a taste of that higher being
This I will take
Live a little more, then I kush it down
And I push it down
Told me I was friends, then you held me down
But that's okay, we're all the same, all the same
Why you say that?
Because, wind and rain
Wind and rain

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