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Jaden Smith - A Calabasas Freestyle lyrics

This iconic sh**, let's go

This that fresh whip
Pull the checks, receipt stashed, straight to the palm, drippin'
I been gone too long, feel like it's all different (Oh)
Swear, I've been always specific
In between destinations and flyin' over the Pacific
And all these jets that we rented
I seen n***as fumble with frames, tryna keep up they image
I write writtens to break the bars of your mental prison
Stencil hieroglyphs with colored pencils to Central Britain
This is potential business, the monster has awoken
And they stressed 'cause he's dressing different
And ga**in' the freshest n***as, you're f**in' fantastic
And your fashion is Activision (Whoo)
No wonder they act suspicious, they mad defensive
Man, they couldn't even grasp most practical sense
f** it, I'm blasted, I'm reckless (Oh sh**)
With no actual past, it's impressive
Rap is just one of my fetishes, like a dragon that's pregnant
Young boys lyin' on they records (Whoo)
Baby if I say I got the cash, it's a factual sentence
This is drastically different (Woah)
That's why I had to drop the tape just to gradually shift it
Why this lil' n***a wearin' rags if he got all the riches?
Shadow boxin' demons, diggin' ditches for all of these lizards
When I'm finished with 'em
And they can't understand my intentions (No)
Man, they can't understand my inventions (Yeah)
Wish I had a intervention when I was stuck in the tension (Whoo)
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Ten black sheep deep, they just want us to blend in (Oh)
That's what the neural net will say when the AI is sentient
I'm a art connoisseur, hope you all remember this
And tell the future Kama Sutra, got the latest, let 'em in
I'm just a youngin' but I got the knowledge like a veteran

Oh my, 'nother young black boy dead again
f** this, 'bout to blow the top off, let it rip
No shade, new figures, new clip
These n***as won't stick, try to put us in the chains
I just bought a new wrist, I just bought a new whip
Put the vision on the top, say we too hubris
Tried to kick us out the block, I been on my new sh**
Man we come if you ready or not
Man I'm with the squad, they got all the guap
We don't ever see you at the spot, they just talk a lot

Ooh, woah (Ooh, yuh)
They just like to talk a lot
Ooh, woah (Yuh, damn)
Yah! (Tell 'em we on the way)
Nah, we need a big table in the party
The big table, the one in the middle (Yah!)
You already know what it is
Tell Jordan I'm back in his city, no games
Somebody get Azi on the phone with a loud pack
Nah, nah, nah, I need the, I need the spaghetti [?]
With the olive oil and the garilc
With the motherf**ing truffle fries with no cheese, n***a
We rabid, what you thought it was? (Yah, ayy, yah!)
Ayy, yah

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