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Jaden Smith - Fast (Lumière Flip) lyrics


Why you drive so fast? Why you drive so fast?
Girl where you gotta go? Girl where you gotta go?
Baby you should try and drive slow
You should try and drive slow
Cause you're going 45 on the 15
I'm just tryna stay alive on the big screen
When you comin' up to drive all the kids scream
I don't know baby girl you're movin' onto better things
Usually you don't be using me
I'm dead you cry at my eulogy
Magic like Houdini
Baby you taking my scrutiny out with the fireworks
This isn't new to me
Damn baby jump off the roof with me
Live up your youth with me
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Before they shootin' me
With all their cameras and bullets
I swear I'm the man up in France with the hooligans
Yeah, I'm up with Centipede, you do not answer me
I'm in the canopy, livin' my life like a fantasy
Sleep with the girl of my dreams on the weeks
So I sleep and I see my reality
Battle me, that's your fatality
Actually, I'm a catastrophe
Go to your school and they ask for me
I'm in your cla** making cash
And we're fruity like pa**ion
It's burning like ashes
We had to just make this ish happen
He's rappin' again, he's snappin' again
It happened my friends
I'm back with the Benz
And I know you jokers stay pissed
So I had to make you pre-exist

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