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Jaden Smith - Beast Mode 2 lyrics

[Verse 1]
Slum slum, don't give the public any food little crumb crumb
Deep under the ground military say I'm dumb dumb
But you probably dumber, machines guns in backs of the hummers
Bullet proof well that should cover the summer (nevermind)
It's the truth so bro I'm skipping the stutters
I'm sick with my brothers
That flouride get you like them fresh clothes fit you
Words never see the lights until them rappers spit you and I'm out
Just like your night light is
Surfing tidal waves up in my dreams like I was Tidus
Talking bout the clothes or the flows they the tightest
Spirit of a master, head of a ibis
Mathematics is precise it's like I went to school in Greece
MSFTS Republic, mystery is on the fleece
We just the reckless kids who like to skate up in the streets
Till our parents call and say that they've been talking to police
Now we out, like I'm the priest
The precinct is watching me sink like I'm a thief
Jumping off a tree and use a leaf as a parachute
I freakin' drown these jokers if they ever get embarra**ed
You stab 'em with the sabertooth I'm breathing like I'm Vader's suit
Jaden goes say hey to Zeus it don't fit me like Ace's shoes
But I'm acing Dr. Seuss lyrics when the masons lose
My mom says that I should take my shoes
But I need excuses for the week, so I escape my school
You freakin' kids mistaking fake for cool
At night I'm watching but end of day I take my steak to school
You think I'm weird but fake you skating too
The rumors says I'm chilling with your girl don't make me make it true
Take your fate and make it blue
Take a drake and fly it to the place where they ain't chasing you
Paparazzi on me rocking Roxy homie got a box of socks
And don't be mad because I'm boxing OGs
Charge me like a mophie, you jokers lowkey
And bring the ba** in, measure everything like I'm a mason
The paper chasing is over, this kids amazing
I'm sorry this kids amazing
We tattle tell with Mason
We got a church but we treat it like it's a base and water to put your face in
Shoes to do the lacing, corruption when you walk
Corrupt you when you talk, what you up to in the dark?
It's like, R2-D2 see thru Machu Picchu
You can't know this, I should eat you
I'm your shifu cut the crap I don't like seafood
We could hit the Staples Center bro I don't like people
No I don't like people, I'm too selfish and nervous
But people say Jay you're the coolest you can't tell on the surface
But they listen to the music you can't tell that it's worthless
You can't tell that I'm nervous well here's a lift of the curtains
It go uh-uh-oh, uh-uh-uh-uh-oh

[Song 3]

[Verse 1]
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You should try to fit your feet in these 9 and a half shoes
At 7 learned a lesson, it's only that cash rules
Maybe it'd be different if we ain't have bad schools
We'd have less people with snapbacks and tattoos
The furthest from bad dudes, they've just been corrupted
People say I sound like Q-Tip, keep you on the up tip
Saying "Jaden, why you tripping, why you change the subject?"
But my randomness is what you jokers fall in love with
But check it
The school system is seriously just a system
And anyone under 18 just falls in line as a victim
Like take 'em, look at our youthful and see the pain that's inflicted
It's like they rented the building, I'm trying to get them evicted
They're trying to get us addicted, it's wicked like we gon' stick with this
The internet exists you idiot, man, we figured this
Human consciousness shifting plates of the continents
I never thought that I'd have an army as strong as this and rah

[Verse 2]
Futuristic 'ish, revolutionary
Man, the truth is buried, don't get it, the truth is scary
Screw these corporations, I'm making the core proration
With no fluoride in the water to support the nation
Man, I'm sick of this
So I divorce the nation
Then drop the wickedest album hear it across the nation
Man, I promise I'd never cross the nation
But the boy's a man, I guess I lost my patience

This is my Michelangelo
This is that fly-fly
This is for Hov and Jay Brown
But I'm out for now, homie, ta-ta

[Verse 3]
Hopefully all you jokers can be as dope as me
Once you grow up and go and live your life how it's supposed to be
I'm not gon' drop it, I'm in a rocket, I'm in the cockpit
Holden brought his own Glock and cocked it, it's in his pocket
Man, he shot it while losing pressure, screw these investors
I can do it better, screw you and your Louie sweater
In 20 years, I'll be a veteran, you better let him in
Because I'm ballin' like a letterman-
Jacket, let it settle in (Jaden, you are sick!)
Screw your medicine
Poison me and Imma end up dead again
I'm talking to the kids that are enlightened, the Indigo
I'm talking about the kid sighing staring out of the window instead of Nintendo
You are not alone
Man, I'm here for you
If I found out that you pa**ed I would probably shed a tear for you
MSFTS, we cheer for you, your true extended crew
I'd pay for all our sins and I'd even take a speel for you
I'm done

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