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Jaden Smith - Beast Mode 1 lyrics

[Verse 1]
Look, Imma tell you bout my life
Imma tell you about my life
What's wrong in it, what's right
That long linen I tried to fight but then I died
I resurrect through the night
Came alright in a flight, you jokers are flying with me
You landed right on my kite
You jokers are sippin' sprite, man throw that off
People say I'm hard as Hennessy and you soda soft
Man I'm talking to my enemies and I'm sorta saw
But I treat my music like it's a craft, you imported yours
Man I treat my MSFTS like the Lakers - the court is ours
Look a nine year old in the face and say you're in charge
It's our time to shine little homie - the floor is ours
We're the neanderthals lets get rid of these dinosaurs
Man the time is ours, we just got a couple hours
Get rid of these towers and lets grow us a couple flowers, they won't allow us
But our powers are bigger than what we fathom
If they told us back then then they know that we would've had em
What we don't know is that it was Eve and then it was Adam
And they gon hate me for that but I'm flying high as Aladdin
And I told you, moving crazy I don't have a pattern
Imma go buy me a house on a moon that's orbiting Saturn
I live it, yeah I live it, beat you man I already did it
I already did it
Check it

[Verse 2]
Tell these jokers first off, you the worst off cause you got on my bad side
Man that's how I felt the first time I saw my dad crying
Got on my phone, I had to go call my rabbi man I mean my pastor
Oh wait I mean my best friend
Homie your nothing less than me when I'm manifesting
These crazy verses, I didn't write them I guessed them
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Other rappers I bless them, I do not beat them I rest them
Take a look at my family damn we look like the X-men
Oh no no no don't address them
Can't you see how they dress them
They probably surrounded by models and a bunch of them yes men
I'm surrounded by no-men oh no man it's a omen
Holden I thought you told em I rode this beat like it's stolen
It is, but bro it's golden I had to give em the coldest
The flows that I can indulge in before they life is unfolding
In front of them, all this time don't kick it none of them
Imma stay on the moon you just say when the sun'll come and I'm done
I ain't saying I'm number one
But I'm a winner a subtle one
H-H-how ya like me now?

[Verse 3]
Look at me I'm fresh to d**h I like your neck decapitated
And your girl fascinated, ugh and I'm glad you hate it
Aggravated, aggravated, aggravated
Man I'm mad I made it, now they comparing me to these lames
Man these drama sell art don't compare me these stains
Man I'm just a consciousness don't compare me with brains
I'm a G and that G only gon stand for Genius
People are scared when they round you, simple, they never seen this
And I'm out
Don't be scared to call me the cleanest cause I'm back
And I'm taking the spot for freshest and meanest sup with that?
Man you jokers didn't believe us till I rapped
And I started to speak like Jesus's fetus
Lemme introduce you to rap
You jokers are bleeding on my Adidas
Running faster than cheetahs, I'm sorry you couldn't beat us
New school have patience, don't worry we'll be your leaders
That's that, lemme introduce you to rap, holy crap
R-A-P, rhythm and poetry hit these jokers with the symbol so they gon know it's me
It's only G

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