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Jaden Smith - All About You lyrics

Damn Brandon...

[Verse 1: Brandon Thomas]
I need to be loud like the loudest, loud you've ever smoked
Like (?)
I'm gon' live it up, I'm gon' live it up, we gon' live it up
But can I
I'm gon' live it up
Need more than enough, cause enough ain't enough
I know what you need
Solo pull up in the rush
Music give me that rush
Tryna position myself like clutch
Through listening to these f**ing hypocrites though I appreciate the criticism
Soak it in like dye on denim
I don't know just why we winning
I guess it's like the cause of the confidence mixed with superstitions
I know you're tripping like how we staged it properly fitting, fitted like my tailored bridges
The major mission
[Lyrics from: https:/]
Tryna change the game, we make the lane open for n***as who wanted to try and get it
Cause they desire to be different
Inspired by the lifestyles of dreamers out here getting it

[Verse 2: Jaden Smith]
Girl I hate when you go home
Probably someone down all night thought that she said she wants a photo
Pulling off in the white cab I don't know that they had those
Probably balling up in michi if not then we finna hit mad strokes, that sh**, that's all, that sh**, that's all...
You standing close to me (?)
Hate doing interview with all these n***as that's suppose to be nice
I'm gone for the night?
That was the question when you (?)
I'm gone for the night?
That was the question when you (?)

[Outro x2: Jaden Smith]
It's all about you
Lately it's all about you

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