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Jaden Smith - 21 - Melancholy lyrics

I guess we just some melancholy souls
That's why we spit these melancholy flows
Wear these melancholy clothes
Bring this melancholy everywhere he goes
Everywhere he goes

[Verse 1]
Man you guys are just some rich kids
How dare you call yourself the misfits
Hope you get coals in your presents come Christmas
Man I'm sorry, I ain't eat today
Cause I didn't know what I should eat today
Full or hungry, don't know what the difference is
I just hope we work out all our differences
Cause I be flyin' where them pigeons is
I mean it's all opinion, but


[Verse 2]
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And they tell me just to breathe
(Breathe, breathe in the air, don't be afraid to care)
Oh you rappin' on this? I bet you thought you'd body this
You messin' up a cla**ic, how you did with The Karate Kid
Bro but what the heck was I to do?
Now I see why Pia didn't sign with you


[Verse 3]
But they tell me just to run
(Run, rabbit run, dig that hole, forget the Sun)
Oh you say you want some more?
Well your father paid for all of this
If I was rappin' like you I would help the world and call it quits
And I just rap at you anonymous
I hide behind my hate because I wish I had your confidence
But understand, my only option is
To go to school and try to be friends with all these obnoxious kids
I don't hate you, I'm jealous of how you got to live
I'm sittin' here in cla** and my teacher's about to pop a quiz

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