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Jacquees - Sink lyrics

Yea its FYB mane
You know we come thru switch lanes, f**ing mains an' rockin' chains an'
We here to secure the wave cah if you don't secure the wave then you won't get paid an'
These n***as like to act lame like they made the wave when we really made the wave so
We here to get paid

Try my best to put it on
Playin' fake that's so wrong
Big blunts hella strong
Really I got what you need
n***as be jacking the wave
f** them n***as ain't get paid
Pretty hoes gettin' slayed
How could they say that I'm stuck in my ways?
Took the streets and we made this sh** corporate
The moves we make, ya'll n***as avoid it
The sh** we cop, ya'll couldn't afford it
For my n***as, everyday I will ride
Everyday a young n***a get high
Multiplyin', try not to divide
Why the hell [?] lie
Cause you are, don't you look so surprised

Pull up outside
Valet for the ride
Took her to the hills
Let her meet [?]
KT need your phone
Cause women tell lies
Tryna take a picture
Gang for your gram
I don't want the Ferrari I'm in love with the Lamb
Prolly wanted a Gina, see me I want a Pam
I just tipped a b**h and bought her nails
I just fed the trap and boost the sales

You can't ride my wave, you might sink
Bad b**hes screaming [?]
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And I'm still in love with Kelly Rowland
My white b**h look like Pink
My life a movie but it started as a dream
They call it murder when I pull up on the scene
I'm gettin' money now that's all I know
I swear that's all I

FYB the dopest all these b**hes know this
All these n***as know is hate but they promoters
Wet em' up, wet em' up, just like a scene
I [?] these b**hes like [?]
My b**hes cool, they wanna lean
I just woke up off the lean
Wake up, deposit the green
I'm 'bout my bread like some [?]
Spread your hair like [?]
If you want beef with my team
Twenty-two, rich off my streams
My ex b**h is tryna redeem
My f**ing deal, they tryna scheme
They want me cause I been livin' up a dream
Played my role before I stepped on the scene
I'm big booty busta [?]
How you fit that in those jeans?
I'm tryna hit like a fiend
Money long like limousine
I got Que back like a [?]


I'm gettin' money I ain't tryna brag or boast
Bad b**h from Decatur rollin' dope
I'm smokin' Westside on the Eastside
Eatin' chicken with a fork
n***as switch it up when they blow
Caught your a** out in public, shouldn't have spoke
I can't f** with you unless you dope
Cause all my b**hes dope and all my n***as dope


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