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Jacquees - Wave To Your Boyfriend lyrics

Intro:[Lil Chuckee]
Uh, hello miss lady
I heard your heart screaming out
'Chuckee come save me'
I can take over your heart, love voodoo
I'm your next now he ya ex, now we outta here wave to him

Verse 1:[Jacquees]
Aye, it's like a walk in the park
Them other brothers throwing darts in the dark
They got no chance of even hitting the target
Look at him lame I seen him shopping at Target
Oh, sometimes the best move the fast move
Your boys tripping, don't get hit with that wack juice
James Brown said you got to have the feeling
We're on a bike and yep
Your boys third wheeling, so let him go

See your a poor, poor, poor, pretty little thang walking
All alone at this time of day
Your man thought he was too grown for you
We gon' fix that right
But first things first we gotta wa-a-ave good bye

Why dont you wave to your boyfriend
Wave to your boyfriend,wave to your boyfriend
Tell him goodbye
Wave to your boyfriend,wave to your boyfriend
Wave to your boyfriend, tell him goodbye
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Ion mean to be rude, but that girl
She deserves that dude
So why don't you wave to your boyfriend
Say hey to your boyfriend, wave to your boyfriend
Tell him goodbye

Verse 2:[Jacquees]
Its like taking candy from a baby
She call me honey and I'm calling her my baby
You made of sugar girl, and you know I got a sweet tooth
I'm diabetic, but I'm never going to leave you
Oh, now girl lets dip like a Tootsie Roll
You throw it over and I'll dip like the Super Bowl
Now listen honey you can wave like a ball game (wave)
Slap to the base and then this what we all saying (wave)



Verse 3:[Lil Chuckee]
Uh, Jacquees couldn't say it better
See y'all don't have no chemistry all I see is the shadow
Of you holding on with a smile that's what you battle
But all he doin' is shadowin' your blessin' red devil
See I can rock your world - heavy metal
And we can tour the world, thats only if you let me
Hah, and I can be your secret weapon
Young Martin baby tell your ex to get steppin


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