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Jacquees - Try Me (Quemix) lyrics

[Hook x2]
Let a n***a try Quees, try Quees
We gon k** his whole muhf**in family
And I ain't playin with nobody
f** around and imma get ya body

[Verse 1]
b**h I bought a 9, not a 40
Be the snitch, then we takin shmoney
n***as know I'm on it, I on it
I really mean it, I'm so unimportant
Give [?] a tommy for all you dummies
Leave his main b**h wet and horny
You a oldhead, you spent all ya money
Pulled straight up off the lot, put a pic on IG
I hate fake b**hes, imma realist
Got so many shoes, you should see my closet
Rock that all black when we really mobbin
Hop out like Snoop, we ain't cripwalkin
f** is y'all sayin? b**h my hood love me
Wesley Chapel Road, real n***as know me
I been out my mind since they k**ed [?]
Free my brother Gylon, man he just called me
All these hoes love me, can't get em off me
Only hit it one time, she won't stop callin
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FYB, that's still the squad, long time comin
Poppin bottles, VIP, know yo hoe comin
Even when I wasn't signed, I was still that n***a
n***as see me, ridin round with C. Breezy, Lambo speeding
Mind full of money, got yo b**h full of seamen
Gettin all this money, fightin all these f**in demons
Turn yo b**h into a relay, no track meet
Have you singin like Maria, you f** with my family
n***as steady hatin but they got em watchin
$10,000, took my momma shoppin

[Hook x2]

[Verse 2]
b**h I signed to Baby, no diapers
Leave you with a sh**bag, big diapers
I want more weed, and less liquor
Leave your girl around me, then I'm probably gon hit her
Signed to Cash Money last month
Got a lotta money, I'm boutta stunt
Imma young stunna, big blunts
You can have a taste, if you want
I'm my own shooter, I ain't gotta run

[Hook x2]

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