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Jacquees - Rain (Remix) lyrics

[Verse 1: Jacquees]
Sometimes it's soft as a mystic rain
Then Gently Touches my soul
It cools the fire that burns in me
And simply lose control

[Chorus: Jacquees]
So Just Rain, Down
On me
Let your love just fall like rain
Just Rain
On, Meeeee
Oh, Just rain, Down
On me
Let Your love just shower me
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Just Rain
On, Meeeee

[Verse 2: Bluff City]
Full as a dam that could pa** a leak
Patience about to explode
I can't escape, It's surrounding me
I'm caught in a storm
That I don't need no shelter frommmmmm

[Chorus: Jacquees & Bluff City]

[Verse: Jacquees & Bluff City]
So Baby Just Rain (6x)


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