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Jacquees - FWU (Remix) lyrics

Came up from nothing
Had to start hustling
Had to be something
You just had to be stunting
Mad at his mama cause she couldn’t buy Jordan’s
His mama was poor yeah she could never afford it
Down to do anything
Yeah down for whatever
Kids on the come up you know we stick together
That hustle could k** you yeah you gotta be clever
It’s cool while you young but you can’t do it forever

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So if you ride then I’m riding too
By your side kinda stuck on you
You know I f*ck witcha, witcha, witcha
You know I f*ck witchu, witchu, witchu
He said he loves me cause I’m loyal
Put none above me because I’m loyal
He f*cking with me cause I’m loyal
Yeah he with me cause I’m loyal

She know I’m thuggin’
But my baby love it
We can go anywhere

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