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Jacquees - Bad (Remix) Ft. Macon Hamilton lyrics

[Intro: Jacquees]
You know relationships or whatever you wanna call it
I'm starting to think it ain't for everybody
You think your in love and they play you for dumb, you know what I'm saying
I ain't looking for love, and you ain't here to judge
Let's set the mood to make it do what it does
Let's get it

[Hook: Jacquees]
Is it bad that I never made love, no I never did it
But I sure know how to f**
I'll be your bad boy, I'll give it to you
I can't promise that I'll be good to you
Cause I had some issues, I won't commit
No, not having it
But at least I can admit that I'll be bad noooooo to you (to you)
Yeah, I'll be good in bed but I'll be bad to you
Bad no, I never made love, no I never did it
But I sure know how to f**
Lets get it

[Verse 1: Jacquees]
Bad girls ain't no good, and the good girls ain't no fun
And the hood girls want a smart n***a, college girls all want a thug
So it seems we fiend what we don't need
Why the girl of my dreams had to run and leave
I ain't bout to judge you, don't judge me
You ain't gotta really sing about your rap sheet
Cause I heard you bad nooo
In the literal sense I mean that
Save s** saying I love yah
But she don't really mean that
Bad nooo I know, Cause I just be lovin to feeling too
Oh the irony, she got the bomb indeed
But the problem is it's probably a deep past
Still I'm feeling of something I need bad
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Thinking if I get her, I get her to need this
I don't need emotions to come down to stroke
I stroke by hitting a couple of notes
Beg, nope, bed, floor, dope
Go, for it, couch, now
Slow, mo-tion, around, put it down
Lord knows she was going for the morn, hold up


[Verse 2: Macon Hamilton]
(Too too many times) too many times, Too many times, I've been deceived
By a big butt and a smile, so my heart treath L O V E
Like the enemy
We fall quick, off the quickies right
After I lick you good, like [?] Pipes
It don't sound right, like lil shorty shorty
When you get voice deep, and you look like [?]
She when you play the OG version of this song
Best believe, I'm runnin game [?]
Try to take yo fine a** right to the trislo
Bust it like a 4-4, shorty you don't even know
(I'm bad girlllll)
I hit you with the good, now you twatching
Know you scorin right, you choppin
I't up with n***as, that f** with n***as
That want me in a cuffin
So why this mary jane got my coughing
I'm [?], If she try to cross me
Girl this (bad nooo)
In the literal sense I mean that
Thought I had your heart in my pocket
But it's just your a** on my lap


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