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Jackie Hill Perry - Suffering Servant lyrics

Some people make me sad
They walk past me
With the rattle of buried bodies in their skeletons
And I am interested in why they haven't dropped them off yet
How they have gotten so comfortable
With the weight of death on their backs
And I wonder
If they have seen stars in their eyes
And moons beneath their smirk
But you can tell
That a mirror would only give them nightmares
And I wish I could wake them up
Untuck them from the comfort of lonely
And remind them that some dreams do come true
That a heart with chameleon like pain
Won't always be that color
Even though the past and present hunts them like a vidual eternity
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Scaring the peace out of their faith
I place my two fingers next to their weary hands
And pinky promise them
That worship isn't too far from their reaches
Long as they are willing to try
Willing to crawl
A dying hope to the edge of the Throne of Mercy
Drag their weak hearts
Into the castle skies of David's God
And beg for Him to reign there when no umbrella
Just heaven disrupting the hell and prison beneath their ribcage
Filling your lungs with songs that have been too scared to fly
It is okay
Your earthly tears will be a means for praise
The day that you see your King's face
And He wipes them away
So smile
Because peace is coming

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