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Jackie Hill Perry - Miss Fearful lyrics

[Verse 1]
I seen her walkin down the street- heart outside her body
A bullet proof smile. Brows raised like A-AK's
Clouds move away, came from the place she caged
Razor blades when she waves; she even cuts when she prays
Words sharper than the first letter NWA
Zimmerman when she grins, guilty with innocence
Filthy since Genesis
Bends her gender when she forgets who invented it
Repent that she even did but the consequence of her father's optix being non-existent got her livin, got her spittin kind of counterfeit
She don't wanna be honest speakin to even acknowledge bottled up, body with a lot of cries inside of it
Don't need a mind to find her body's politics
Running from the A of the body like her body wasn't positive
I'm positive her past got her hostage
Fear playing possum and posture in her conscience
Using trust issues as an excuse to stay up in that bondage
I pull her to the side, and remind her:

Give it away, give it away, give it away now
Give it away, give it away, give it away now
Let your fingers go, let Him take your soul
You can sing a song of freedom, you can sing a song of freedom
Give it away, give it away, give it away now
Give it away, give it away, give it away now
Let your fingers go, let Him take your soul
You can sing a song of freedom. You can sing a song of freedom

[Verse 2]
When she seen him, she didn't know he had all up on them
A Christian with X ray vision, seen truth moving through is bullet proof
James Earl Ray, interview the next day
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You should've seen her shootin kings from the roof; it's like a game
Check mate. Let the queen win. She's been a pawn for too long to let a king in
Neglected psalms of his song, runnin from the king's pin
He read her like a book with intentions not to re-nig
Call a spade a spade when you try to get her heart
Watch your partners hands and her eyes, then you play your cards, then you play it smart
He knew we needed God to raise her faith until she knew that it was okay


[Verse 3]
She's been imprisoned for so long- bars strong.. like she's listening to Nas now
Hard for her to let her guard down
She seen prophets in his eyes, mind tells her that he's lying
When he tells her that he loves her
Sign language in her bones, he only hears it when he hugs her
Still living undercover
Tell her put that fear to sleep- night night
Only time she's vulnerable is in her dreams
It seems that everything she wanted, she's running from it
She looks me in my eyes.. tells me Jackie, can I tell you something?
"Imma tell you like it's nothing. I'm tempted to David Ruffin, Rolling Stoning on em, then disending this discussion
I love em, but it's hard for me to trust him
I think it's trust issues mixed with bits of pride
Ain't gave a reason for the fear, I just believed the lies
I'm like a bird that got his wings but just too scared to fly
I seen this sky inside his chest, I guess it's time to dive
Can't be a bride with the veil blocking me from God
He sent him to me for his glory."
She walks away from the mirror. I wonder if fear's gonna write her story


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