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Jackie Hill Perry - I Just Wanna Get There lyrics

God, You're making me better
You're making me better
And You choose to do it however, whenever, wherever

[Verse 1]
You don't know what I've been through, don't know what I've been through
When the pain cuts deep, cuts deep
You would think it was jiu-jitsu
And with me as the meat on the menu
Instead of peps with the meat from the temple
Trying to find joy in the midst, this don't seem that simple
Cause I do what I don't want to do when what I don't want I do
And I do what I don't want to do and what I want to do I don't do
It's me, not You
And it seems I'm not true
And it seems I'm not you
Pleased in things that are not You
Seeing things that are not true, man
Can't fight the fight because I'm too mad
The light to bright to drive you badge
My vision, so distracted by tension
Condemnation, placing faith in the weight of my sickness
Life's prescription is distant
Wait, my Physician is living
His finish was the grace for my prison
The cake for the villains
I'm raised in His image
It's the penicillin for the snake and his venom
I race and I'm tempted
I race and I'm trippin'
My behavior like I wasn't raised from the crypt
I got to face it, I'm sick
Then I get a face of me waiting for me to see Jesus
And gaze at His face until I get there

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[Verse 2]
Don't know what we go through, don't know what we go through
See the rings, see the videos, see the means
See the dreams of the queen for the good life
But I want to be a good wife
Wish I would have come home
It would have been a good night
But instead we had a fight
And the price is the piece of the wolf bite
I came home from that honeymoon
Feeling high, feeling right
Feeling like our whole life was in front of us
Until something nudged me to take the test
It said 'yes'
I'm saying 'No, this can't be right
Can't be sight
I'm trying to live
This can't be life
How am I a mother after eight days of being a wife?'
I'm being invited to imprint a life
And I can't focus on nothing else but me
Until I realize who was living in me was given to me
From His wisdom
Swimming with fins, fishing with fin
My heart's society bait, telling us "wait"
Baby's first name is "mistake"
It's a problem when the saints
Believe that we're slow dancing with sovereignty
Until we got to be taken from this life like it's robbery
We're just pottery
The joy is that the clay is shaped by grace
And the Potter promised me that everything will work for good


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