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Jackie Hill Perry - Educated Fool lyrics


[Verse 1: Jackie Hill Perry]
We find knowledge in broken bottles from broken houses
Got mosaics of pain, when we paint Picasso's
Others try to be conscious with college as their motto
Some Aristotle's, others are sauders
With Protestant problems we try to, find it hiding in other trees
It's like we following after our role model, Eve
When she found that apple attractive, it wasn't apple she was after
It was the satisfaction of wisdom from other masters
As soon as she got it, she straight for simple (?), she was after
Her heart was always empty because the crook became the captain
Now her mind forever looking for a book to make her happy
If she look the right way, then she'll know the right things

[Chorus: Braille?]
The knowledge of good and evil
Don't eat from the tree, but they did it
You w- you will surely die
If fear of the Lord is knowledge
Increasing in the knowledge of God

[Verse 2: Jackie]
Where do I find it? Is it buried underneath?
Is it hidden in they souls? Will I hear it when they sneak?
When I follow where they seek, would I swallow what they speak?
Got a bottle when I dream, sleepy hollow when I think, hmmm
It's scary ain't it? It's a monster's preaching proof
Teaching tools that can't fool spirits, Halloween costumed this truth is
Wisdom friend with riches, Colossians is the school
Contest for context, and the winner eats the fruit
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Who wrote it, the seeds are simple yet complex
Depends on your perspective, my suggestion is for specs to wreck your train of thought
You tracking with me, you acting wittly when you grabbing pennies
This ain't college or common cause for acting filthy

[Chorus: Braillle?]

[Verse 3: Jackie]
How is this knowledge supposed to change us?
Should it stay in our brain and remain stuck?
Should we use it, to abuse or exchange love?
Or maybe quote it to everyone we want praise from?
Or maybe I got a problem? We getting to the heart of it
If I want to know, that's not a problem, where is my scholarship?
I followed it to the road apostles went when they saw a prophet bent
Over with the cross a-sitting on him with intentions to bring us back behind the veil
With scars for some who thought they knew he was bound for hell
You see their knowledge was foolish, blinding them from themselves
They knew the scriptures, yet couldn't see the difference between a sinner and omniscience
If I want to know, I got to know about him
Take me back to the garden where we all started doubting
Wanna feast on the tree, wanna taste, wanna see, wanna know, wanna grow because that's all my soul needs: You

[Bridge: Braille?]
Pray to be filled with the knowledge of his will
The image of the invisible God
Pray to be filled with the knowledge
The image of the invisble God
Increasing in the knowledge of God
Increasing in the knowledge of God
Increasing, I- I- Increasing
Increasing in the knowledge of God

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