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[Verse 1 - Jackie Hill Perry] Wake up 6 in the morning, sun is steady shining The blinds rising, I'm yawning, ready to get this money Kevin heartless, Eddie hustle, my struggle nothing funny Open this book of tricks, magician dipped in Armani Open this book of scripts, scripture flipping I'm running Out of time to find scriptures slick to get money Out the pockets of bodies, pick pocketing pews Prophet is what they call me, my pockets profit off you I retain the stock when I exchange the truth My aim is not to click, bang, shoot at the j**els who's hanging round my neck, blue diamonds on my noose A parable's what I'll preach, tithes rise when they confused Convicted sometimes a 9 to 5 I can't, I John 9 High 5 And rob the saints, it's easy I'm giving out masks today, a masquerade They just doing what they master say, I'm pa**ing lanes Listening to Wu-Tang in my speaker, sipping my macchiato, gotta get my cream up Got communion in the AM, hope they don't whine like crushed grapes Blood pressure raising, heard a voice say, “Aye, You remind me of Balaam.” I heard about him before, two colors what I paint with All I see is green like the Wiz when his mind changes I take a puff of purpIe, I preach good when I fly with angels [Verse 2 - Jackie Hill Perry] As I stand before the people underneath the steeple Kinda thinkin' twice like I'm repeating sequels Then I think about my life, bigger than cathedrals How it's flyer than a kite on the back of eagles I'm good on getting low like I float with seagulls You can't shake me, I ain't Haiti with a case of seizures So open up the book of God, my motives hidden like it's living in some camouflage Cameras are all around me, paparazzi feelin' Papa bought to rob the children up out they chill en's My pupils to the ceiling, like students sitting on the roof, prayers loosed I hope he hear it, never mind Let's get in this text, a 100 or so characters in front of me Tell 'em turn John 3, when the singers done like John B My mind seems to be light like high beams Read right into the story of God's son, my Nas stomach feeling funny I can't focus, this problem I can't show it The tape rolling, they ready to swim and I'm Frank Ocean I think. Conviction gripping my neck and I can't choke This hope is prying my eyes open, no one sees my soul is solar The Son is coming for me, tell him wait Entire place is quiet now, my wife's face is a quiet frown My mind state is acquired now, I'm prostrate My face is down, my mind is changed I whisper vows, he listens now, I'm wowed how He's everything I've been looking for In the book I was flipping like a gymnast or a centerfold For some sinner dough, now I know he knows this sinner though So my soul was searching for a source to put his symptoms on Now my soul is richer than it's ever been, heaven-sent medicine Seen it in the middle of my meddlin' Sin was in my skin but now his riches in my melanin Now my soul is richer than it's ever been

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