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Jack Parow - Ode To You lyrics

This is an ode to you, hate your job but the house needs food
You wanna quit, you wanna k** but the rent is due
Push on through, hold on tight, fight the fight
There's a hand on your throat and it's holding tight

9 to 5, jy try, jy druk, jy hou styf vas
But you work for a boss and you hate his guts
Jy voel stuck, maar onthou, ek's hier vir jou

Whether jy numbers punch of jy huise bou
Yster klou, days too long, nights too short
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You just went to sleep, then you're back at work
If you're up at night or you're up at dawn

Whether you're sweeping streets or you're mowing lawns
Whether jy meetings het of jy parties hou
Whether jy suits aantrek of jy klere vou
Whether you're washing cars or washing clothes

This is an ode to all the working cla** heroes

Bambe-zela, zela
Bambe-zela, ohhhhohhh

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