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J $tash - Bukkweat Bill Diss lyrics


First off fuck 386, your hometown can suck a dick
Got a Glock 40 with some hollow tips, aimed at you and your fucking Jeep
Man (?), you ain't bout shit
Fuck you some (?) shit
How you talking down on a rich nigga when you still sleeping on a couch, bitch?
Got my ex, she a lame hoe
(?) and some lame (?)
And they all broke, so I guess them and Bukk in the same boat
Teddy Blow quick to let it go
All I have to do is just say so
But I rather catch this body with my shotty, watch your brains blow
Nigga how is you a blood? What the fuck is your set?
You a white boy in a black body, just talking shit on the internet
Relax Rekords, I signed to that
All that shit you talking, you'll swallow that
(?) when you on Twitter, begging a nigga to follow back
J $tash got plenty cash
When you was locked up, I put it on you, pussy
I heard your ass was on PC cause your bitch ass was probably shook
Beezy hoe you a bitch too, I'm glad to get your baby mama took
When you see a nigga better kill a nigga, I be (?) in Hollywood
Me and Rap Money on a jug
And he own that nigga too
Only reason got a pass from me cause (?)
Fuck who he was talking to
Who the fuck can a nigga trust
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Just me nigga, and all my guns
Run up on me, I'ma let it bust

Aye y'all niggas ain't had a muthafucking hit
Bite the muthafucking hand that muthafucking feed me?
Y'all niggas gone be broke FOREVER
And I'ma be rich FOREVER
Relax Gang, Relax Rekords FOREVER
Aye shout out to my niggas Kenny Turnup and Teddy Blow, y'all already know it's love
We about to turn up on these fuck niggas
This ain't no muthafucking business, this straight facts nigga
The nigga won't text me, come run up on me niggas got gats nigga
I ain't playing with these muthafucking straps niggas
Better ask about J $tash
Niggas talking all that shit, nigga
Getting pictures from my muthafucking ex-girlfriend and shit, nigga
Get the fuck outta here, nigga
You on some gay shit, don't ever try me on no gay shit
You know I fuck straight bitches, nigga
You know I fuck your bitch, nigga
You know how I be nigga, you know how I roll nigga, you know how I rock nigga
Get the fuck outta here, nigga
All you lil niggas talking all that shit
All you fake friends, frienemies
Nigga, y'all can all suck a dick, I'm still getting this money I'm still getting rich, nigga
Right now I just recorded these tracks in muthafucking France, nigga
Muthafucking Paris, nigga
I'm out the muthafucking country right now, nigga
Come up nigga, run up nigga
Man up band up, nigga

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