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J Lite - Pull The Strings lyrics

[Verse 1: J Lite]
I'm a, only child, so attention was never mild
No wonder why I chose a career where I get wild
With a focus on me
Don't wanna be lonely
Only livin' my vision imprisoned to be my own me
Unknown to me, what my future is gonna turn out to be
Turns out I need to look past my past and look in front of me
I'm gonna see who I was, but not who I was gonna be
I'm aiming for the top, but I'm focused on what's under me
Gotta give myself options, I'm abundantly watchin'
Out for what's ahead, always treading with caution
But often I find I sometimes overlook the present
It's one of the only times where I can enjoy something pleasant
Without having a single worry about anything
I'm stuck thinking about what change a penny brings
We imagine a life with wonderful confetti dreams
But it won't be a good movie without some editing

[Hook: J Lite]
I can't stop thinking about anything and everything
Like if I'll make it or somehow live out every dream
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They come and go, there've been plenty kings and many queens
But what future holds is mine 'cause I pull the strings
I pull the strings

Oh man, I'm excited for everything twenty brings
Right before my 21st I'm gonna meet Theo or spring
And that means I'm starting back over
Except I'm pushing the stroller
Reliving everything i was given as they get older
Working at the ice cream parlor, trying to get farther while I'm becoming a father
I wish they made a life guide for starters
I know life's gonna be harder, but when your partner's a real martyr
You know no foe will get past your armor
Speaking of my queen, I never thought at fifteen I'd meet the one and only girl of my dreams
My world, man, it seems, like it never followed the scheme
And I mean I'm loving my team, just saying the change was extreme
I imagined being motivated, getting green
Now I can't get the machine going without a cup of caffeine
Dreamt of flat screens, 6 pack lean, some fancy drink in my canteen
But I'm dancing and advancing, with the woman I'm romancing


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