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J Lite - Stranger Things Remix lyrics

[Verse 1: Josh A]
Hold up wait a minute track hotter than Africa
Tryna stack racks like ships that in galaga
Tryna smoke weed every day now

-I don't smoke weed, it just sounds cool

Musical venom
I guess Josh had it in him
Had a hard year but he turned around started winning
Hit the studio and dropped Blessed
Made 20 racks saying god bless
Independent artist
Haters try the hardest
Give them bitches bit of attention they go the farthest
Once you get a hundred thousand fans you're a target
Them bitches won't stop, til you're a goddamn carcass
Shoutout from Scarce
Shaved off my hair
Throw the headband on
Now I'm living rare
Sipping on Espresso writing lyrics
Next tape bout to drop
Rake in millions of views swear that shit will not stop
That's the shit you can't top
Swear this shit will not stop
What the fuck I gotta do to get a fucking hand job
Fuck a synonym, I'mma be motherfucking direct
Man I'm feeling like the best I'm not feeling like the rest

We just some kids
Who caught up in the biz
Bout the hits
Without a script
Yea we tell it like it is
Streaming what we doing
Show the world what we pursuing
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Never still we always moving
It's the crowns, watch us prove em like

[Verse 2: J Lite]
I feel like my life's just like a video game
Cuz it's same ****, different day and I hate it plain
And I'm not fly, but I can levitate just like David Blaine
And I'm not high, unless you're talking 'bout the ink in my veins
Shout out to the guys who be thinking the same
Raise one up in the sky unless you're drinking for fame
I've been grinding like I've been through the fire and flames
My high score's the greatest, I should retire the name
Because L-I-T's what the hell I be
You can tell I beast any beat I see
If you don't like me, take an arrow to the knee
You gotta be as high as the sparrow burning tree
But we all about good ol' vibes
So I'm sorry if you're having a bad ol' ride
And I'm not saying that you should like
Me, and if you don't, then that's alright
Release every album like DLC
Each a dose of reality like TLC
Yeah, I'm goin for the green like I eat healthy
And I ain't wealthy, but my heart will never be empty
Ain't nobody know me, cuz I'm chillin on the low key
Breaking axles like I'm Foley, yeah I'm ballin like Kronovi
Rollin' high like I'm Jody, on the climb, do it slowly
Call me up like we homies, bruh, you suck and you a phony
I'm just stuck in a loop
Like sonic on gin and tonic I'm running from the truth
Man, it's gets real old what I'm doing in my youth
And it's really no use, so I ain't making an excuse
So I sit and produce, and then feel what I write
Then I'm up the booth, I'm just doing what I like
Man, I really let loose until it all sounds tight
Pack it up, and roll out, J Lite


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