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J Lethal - I Am Your Leader lyrics

Bitch I am your leader with a nine millimeter
Changing niggas' future like a schizophrenic palm reader
I'ma keep on fucking the world, until she ejaculate
These niggas homos but I bet that nine make 'em get straight
Welcome to the Suicide Squad, I be the leader
Got yo' bitch with my goons, she swallow cum by the liter
I am not a human being, I'm an alien
Got this heat on my hip, bitch come and get a tan
These bitches love my swag 'cause my swag is so bodacious
I'm a monster with gold ribs tearing at you niggas' faces
Ask any bitch and they'll tell you I'm belligerent
Got choppas on deck that will be tearing up ya ligaments
Okay, I do the two step up in that pussy
Love a red-bone, I won't stop until I get her gushing
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And do ya know what pussy stand for
Push until she scream yes
Great sex all night, no rest
I'm on some real shit and I ain't came out the ass yet
No homo, but don't sign a check yo' ass can't cash, bet
I go crazy on the track, Looney Tunes
I know I said I'ma clown but you niggas are buffoons
I'm sick, I don't spit, I barf, I vomit
I'm the best, suck my dick, any haters care to comment
Fuck you if you hating, fuck you if you lookin'
I'm a thief motherfucka, don't get ya life tooken
Hmm, or do I mean taken
I'm the Human Torch but still I got these other rappers baking
Ya boy so high, you would think I was a Rasta
I'm gone to the almighty Bubba Kush Krush Ya

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