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J Lethal - Born Stunna lyrics

I was born a fucking stunna, so ya need to get ya shit straight
Before I cock and aim my gun and separate ya chest plate
Now adays niggas be too pussy made
I'ma ride out in style, Gucci with the red suede
Cigarillos so big, them bitches look like they trees
You better learn some respect 'cause you dealin' with G's
I see my partner got a half, and I got a whole quarter key
I'm going in, I'm going hard for all you niggas that wanted beef
Got some ice around my neck, I'm colder than Subzero
And I'm flyer than a bitch but no, I'm not a superhero
Still stacking up dineros, M.O.B be the motto
My bullets got tips like a stripper but they hollow
I step up to the plate and ask who want it
Hip-Hop needed me, I'm the missing component
If you fake and you fraudulent, I tell yo' bitch ass to stay back
And if you approach me with that nonsense, I tell my niggas to grab them straps
Like Tupac, yeah I'ma wild nigga
And if you fuck with me wrong you get yo' head smashed nigga
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Take a look at me nigga, I'm secretly psychotic
Like I said them bullets have ya bouncing like ya fixed up off hydraulics
Quick to snap, and quick to rip
If you run up, get done up, get filled with the clip
I was born a fucking stunna while these niggas just some faggots
Dial 1-900, you can get the whole package
Next I take yo' bitch and make a movie
I'm talkin' lights, camera, action
It's Jay F. Tae, and the F is for fantastico
These niggas still trippin', and these females be some nasty hoes
And it's death before dishonor, won't betray the niggas around me
If you phony and you snitching, we gon' leave you sleeping soundly
I was born a fucking stunna, you was born a pussy
Play pussy, get fucked
Semi-automatic guns have ya brains lookin' like they got ran over by a truck
S-h-a-r-p-e-r than y-o-u
You say you better than me but the whole world knows that is not the fucking truth
Cool it with the hating kid, before ya hurt yourself
Better yet, commit suicide and be ya own cause of death

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