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J Lethal - Bar Play lyrics

If your flow the flow that put the rap game on a crutch
Then this that flow that'll annihilate the Earth and turn you rappers to dust
No fuss and no fight, by using all of my might
I will take over the world and run this rap game out of sight
Is that patron in my cup, or is that lean
You show me money, make me perk up and make my eyes gleam
I don't know what I be on, I just be killing this shit
I don't fuck with none of you niggas like I'm a bigot and shit
You shouldn't of got me started, spitting like I'm retarded
Bitch I still be the Sergeant, number one in my quadrant
I can flow with the hardest, I'ma take it the farthest
Compared to a kitchen full of knives I would still be the sharpest
I got mars bars, this is space jam bitch
And I'm beating on my chest on some caveman shit
Can't see you, Ray Charles with my raybands bitch
Desert Eagle leave you dead in the wasteland bitch
Making history, call that shit an overwrite
Smoking on that lemon kush got me higher than a satellite
To kill these rappers would be of my supreme delight
Pockets getting so fat they are now attracting cellulite
Turn ya nose up, I'm the shit like commodes
In a kamikaze mode, unorthodox flow
If rap was dead, I'ma pull him straight up out the casket
Revive 'em and tell him don't you ever die on me again you fucking bastard
Headed to the top, recognize where I came from
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She suck my dick like it's a thumb
She give good brain and I go dumb
And no it's not a diss, but I have a hit-list
And on it, I got everyone, Legendary but I have just begun
My heart beats strong, Hip Hop's in my I.V.
I got a multitude of bars if a nigga want to try me
I'm killing everything, everything, I'm on a murder spree
I kill 'em all with kindness, you can call that common courtesy
Yellow tape around the booth, motherfucker it's a murder scene
Hyped up off adrenaline, you couldn't stop me if you had Thorazine
So damn sick, you gon' need a fucking quarantine
Young Money stunting, my money longer than a limousine
Let me calm down for a minute, I'm feeling replenished
I dip that blunt in the lean and think that I'm a chemist
My flow is not normal because it's something wretched
Mind so sharp, I try to think too hard, fuck around and get beheaded
I don't write, I just spit
I spew bombs when I spit
Never-mind the nukes and atomic bombs I'll let off in this bitch
Never-mind what they say, I'll always be killing your set
You rappers owe me for shitty music and I came to collect on that debt
It's Jay F. Tae, and the F would be for foul play
If you hating, I suggest you take yo' ass a-that-a-way
The next mixtape Weezy, I am Makaveli's protege
So that mean if yo' bars not up to par that you should stay away

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