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J King - Wild Shooter lyrics

[Verse 1: Jay King]
4th Quarter We Could Shoot It Out
I'm Ray Allen, I'm Reggie Miller
They Funny n***as like Ben Stiller
And They Bars Lite No Core Miller
I Thrill a b**h, I'm Mike Jackson
Play the Point, I'm John Paxson
I Divide n***as, Call That sh** Fraction
Know a Couple 30s That'll get it Craccin
Couple n***as That'll Keep it Packing
I'm in the Hood and Forever Macking
They Money Slow, They sh** Lagging
We k**ing sh**, We Body Bagging
Toe Tagging
D up Tell 'em Stop Sagging
D up Tell 'em Stop Sagging
When it's Crunch Time, Tell em Bring that Action
Fight Night, Knock em Out that Left, Right that Uppercut
I'm in the cut, Neosporin
King Scoring
No Timeouts, No Rebounds When We Box Out
Knock the Box Out, Put it in a coffin
I k** sh**
Thunder clap like KD
I'm the man n***a OkC
Keep the green on me like a cheesehead
So I don't f** with 12 no Aaron Rodgers
(I don't f** with 12 no Aaron Rodgers)
We running base like the old Dodgers
(Running base like the old Dodgers)
We Running Base Like The Old Dodger
Don't f** With 12 Like Aaron Rodgers

(Hook) 4x
Wild shooter
Wild shooter with these 16s
16s for these pistols
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And the 17th one in the chamber

[Verse II: Jay King]
On track like them railroads
Heart blacker than a Coca-Cola
Wake em up call the flow Folgers
Opposition them versus fold ya
Let em CC it like a email
All them words got details
Try and picture my illustration
Greatness is what I'm demonstrating
Grinding while they vacating
Cooking up while they parlaying
They acting tough but I see em shaking
Them real n***as I see them waiting
I'm the reason they Debating
And them bad b**hes be masturbating
They ain't dropping sh** like they constipated
We just do the sh** no contemplating
Robert Horry with that clutch shot
Second place I need the top spot
2-3 3-2 I'm in the zone I'm off patron
Taking straight shots like Kobe
Need that Laker gold like Kobe
Gold chain, big cuban
Big in the city like Pat Ewing
Smell what I'm cooking like the bocks brewing
In Beantown like a Boston Bruin
Kicking sh** like a sensei
f** what them and they man's say
(f** what them and they man's say)
When it's fourth-quarter it's all k**
Like the Chi say it's all drill-ah

(Hook) 4x
Wild shooter
Wild shooter with these 16s
16s for these pistols
And the 17th one in the chamber

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