J-Jon - Dear Ex lyrics

Dear Ex lyrics


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Real Talk I regret You I wish I never met you f** all the things I got you and the cute things that I text you This sh** ain't nothing but stressful, something I think about hurting myself but then I laugh because you ain't even worth to attempt to f** him, f** you, and f** who you next to, f** your next boo look you made my heart disrespectful In fact, sh** you probably f** your next boo And try to forget me as much as I'm tryna to forget you... Right? What? You think that's helpful? Well good luck and goodbye, may god bless you You needed something I did that, You wanted something I'll get that and what the f** did I get back? A broken heart and a ex too It's like why even got together to begin with? If we knew sooner or later it'll be coming to an ending Now my heart colder than the penguin That love boat never started for me, It had a f**ed up engine Our fairy tale was cute but had a f**ed up ending I guess my heart broke for doing too much love spending You saying you crying and you hurtin' and you wish things were perfect, So how you find it in you to f** with another person? b**h you pathetic

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