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J Fresh - Weak white boy lyrics

Yo its ya boi J Fresh
And ill stay fly untill my death
These bars are for a weak nigga named mark mehall
Cuz he thought he had rythem but ill bust his ass and I know hell squall
Your just like your father you see eye to eye
You guys even have matching D.U.I'S
Hes got some weak ass crackers in a gang called the wolfpack
But you know theres money on the line so ill bust there ass to get some money back
Ill bust them saltines up and put it in my soup
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And once I eat it ill go gang bang that group
If you come to my side of T town ill cut you up like chopped onion
So boii you know im strong and tall like paul bunyan
These beats are better than earl sweatshirt and hes gotta fat face
It looks like he tried to rape a cheap transvesite and got sprayed with some mace
Im sorry im going hard but thats all im use to wile im with the ladys
I know you and your sex life is kind of smlim and shady
But you should know im not talking about eminem
I just killed this beat but well leave it to the jurymen

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