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J Fresh - How It Never Was lyrics

[Verse 1]
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Almost died in that car crash in [?] The car totaled, I look at her like "You Cool?" And she like "Not really." Shit my legs hurt, I'm like "I feel the same way plus my head hurt," man I went head first, Want you to know that it wasn't my fault, As far as sex I was impressed I just wanted to talk, I just wanted to come see you maybe chill on your porch, And listen to you while you diss out your thoughts, now come on, How I felt about you then I mean I wasn't to sure, But how I feel about you now, I'm like fuck it I'm yours, I hear a lot of people saying "Yo, he wasn't that poor" Listen, I was poor and I wasn't that bull, I used to have a hunna dollar bonds stuffed in my draws, When winter came come on what you think the oven was for? Fuck friends, I mean what you think your cousins are for? But my niggas like my cousins man I fuck with them bulls, I was the brokes as a kid, I had roaches in the fridge nigga, I just hope that I get rich, All my life I thought that coke would get us rich, Untill I realized, writing in my notes would get us rich nigga, Around that time I wasn't half this cool, I used to listen to Quilly everyday after school, Then I started rapping | NOT FINISHED!!!! |

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