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J Fresh - All I Know lyrics

Burn one, burn one

I gotta ride clean, I gotta stay dope
Tryna stay paper, I gotta get more
I'm tryna dodge haters, I gotta let 'em know
I only do it big 'cause that's all a nigga know
That's all a nigga know

[Verse: J. Fresh]
Just cruisin' through the city get my smoke
Sun out so you know I got my locs on
Loud pack in my blunt like a ?
Money stand tall in the stretch like ?
Keep a chick that just be in the videos
Got a big pistol with a scratched of serial
While you niggas over there keep hatin' boy
I'm over here ballin' hard like a Seminole
Louis shades, Louis lids, Louis high tops
At a Jets game getting brain in the skybox
We switchin' lanes in the Maserati drop top
Black and white whips so we look like the White Sox
Fly as fuck like a G5 Lear
Made nigga when I look in the mirror
Gotta stay away from the vague and the bitch nigga
Cause your boy switch it up like gears
FBN what I rep and you know that
Niggas stunt hard shine bright like a Kodak
Jump wrong, get stomped like a dopeman
But shots at 'cha make ya niggas doin' four flats
King of this shit, I'm the black Elvis Presley
Brown ? in the coupe and it look like Nestle
If you stuntin my nigga just show me
Cause all the ? that you doin don't impress me
Just cruisin through the hood, beat the block down
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Old school ? so you know I got the top down
If your chick didn't like me before
I guarantee when she sees the Benz she gon' bop now
Money talk bullshit walk a thousand miles
But you know that's all I know
Stay clean, stay high nigga
Stay away from these dog ass hoes


Man that's all a nigga (that's all a nigga know)
Man that's all a nigga (that's all a nigga know)


And it be like shoppin malls, barber shops pourin up, smokin out
Be in the block, VIP, parkin' lot, Waffle House
Work flow, studio, makin' hits, takin' trips
Hatin niggas make me sick, my girl far from a basic bitch
I'm cruisin down the interstate, rappin like a been a great
Each of my utensils scrape the bottom of my dinner plate
Hit the scene in search of cream like I've been drinkin coffee straight
I swear it's all a nigga know I do this shit like every day
Pensacola Florida in bold letters
Better get yo sweater, bundle up for this cold weather
We bringin through and I really wanna get ?
But you know how a southern nigga do
I'd rather keep it cool, I'd rather stunt with the crew
I want to cop a coupe with the stars in a few
That's all I know, day-dreaming, smilin', stay schemin'
Fresh drive when I roll up the light purple
Maybe vice- versa, I know the shit hit hard like Wayne Mercer
You better get up on your job if you ain't hurtin'
That's all I know so I stay workin', best believe, they gonna get a recipe
It's all I'm ever gonna know until the death of me


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