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J Dot - Flight of a G lyrics

[Verse 1]
Flight of a G
Started way back around 3
Rap is a door I've got keys
Don't look at me
When they see J-Dot they flee
Released the man now he's free
Man in the building, becoming an artist
Rhyme with the swag so he know he the hardest
(Skrt!) Writing down words when he could
Skipping up school like he should (Not!)
I am the ghost in the back of your mind
Be careful looking behind
If no one is wary of the surroundings when I'm here then n***a you might just go blind
Now I walk straight through the crowd of the punks
Gather his paper and throw it in trunks
Ride to the studio bumpin' loud sh**
Visit and piss on your grave with my kids (Eww)
When I come around don't act like a friend
J in front of dot I'll engrave it in your skin
Rap game in the pocket like Napoleon
Movin these raps so fast, slowly and
Dropped the EP so the lyrics can be lyrical
Oh goddammit it's a mothaf**in' miracle
I will not stop even when I get rich
Doc and the Dot n***a we run this b**h

Flight of the realest

[Verse 2]
Told all you s**ers on Sleazy EP
All of you listen to me
I have abilities to turn facilities into a bloodbath from pounds of my spit, guaranteed
Run up the j**els and get robbed
I'm getting paid on the job
I'll throw a f**-you-palooza and eat some more corn-on-the-cob
Told me to stop but Dot chillin' on top
Me and the Doc will go cook up some rhymes
After we go to the bar and go dine
Don't mind the age yeah patron with a lime
14 and 13 crown's: Henry the five
14 and 12 started leaving my mark
Get back we'll burn you like Joan of the Arc
I am the man so I bite when I bark
Like in the night disappear and go dark
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I do it big, k**er Mike
Don't even try it but still I won't bite
When around friends
Make an exception ‘cuz my demon's right
Get these punks out of my sight
R.D and I will go kiss while you mock
Coming around so then go grab your Glock
Legend will have it that f**ers will talk
How much you bet they got nothing for- (Stop)

Flight of the realest

It's the flight of (a real G)
It's the flight of (a real G)
It's the flight of (a real G)
It's the flight of (a real G)
(A real G)
(A real G)
(A real G)

Let's break it down now

[Verse 3]
All of you f**as are sick
You don't give any sh**s
About everyone else need to rid
The world of all these f**in' dipsh**s ‘fore they take over kids and each one of you s**ers are not even lit
What are you waiting for; dinner is done
Serve with a fist and a gun
All of you cronies your j**els gonna run
School all your a**es I'll make it seem fun
Me and the Doc we the people to speak
k**ing the game with one hand I don't crash
All of you people just act really weak
Picture my rear end don't forget my a**
You're at the bottom I'm the one to laugh
Cut me in two and you're not even half
I am the illest of dealers to rap
I am not Santa so get off my lap
Nothing of average but I'm not irrelevant
I am the savage there is not no questioning
Go take a couple of looks at this stuff and you might just decide to go put this sh** up on the Worldstar
I might just hop up in your car
n***a we make it so far
Thinking I'm done in rapping people this is only the first par

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