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J Dot - Feelin' You lyrics

[Intro: Isabel Gonzalez]
Always been, always been..
Always been feelin' you, na-na-na
Always been feelin' you, na-na-na-na
Always been feelin' you, na-na-na
Always been feelin' you, na-na-na-na

[Verse 1: J. Dot]
This feeling's unanimous
All of the love that we're channelin'
Really don't know what I'm asking for
But I'm gladly sure, if you ask for more
I'ma give it to you
It ain't no problem, I'm on it
Just tell me you want it
Anyway that you want it, te amo
Look, everything's in our favor
I'm so obsessed when you undress
'Cause you my favorite flavor
Don't test me, 'cause love is on my taste buds
Running all through my mind
'Cause you is just amazin'
Aside the fact from riding that
Girl, you is 'bout yo' business
f** this and that
It is lap, we gotta fight to finish
Don't get discouraged
Despite your worries, I'm always here
If forever takes forever, I'll live in fear

[Verse 2: Isabel Gonzalez]
Always been feelin' you, na-na-na-na
Always been feelin' you, na-na-na-na
Gave you the real me, told you all my feelings
Don't you act all shady and stop callin' me baby
f** a relationship, don't care about your babygirl
I can say what I want, say what I feel
Just keep it all real, it's just how I feel
'Cause I be feelin' you, yeah
I be feelin' you, yeah

[Verse 3: J. Dot]
Ain't no rushing love
I think you know that
Swimming all in your ocean
Leave it all in the open
Your eyes are enticing me
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Everything in this is society isn't inspiring
I'm fighting angels and demon
And they trying to take this light from me
Like I can't see

[Verse 4: Isabel Gonzalez & J. Dot]
No matter the time
No matter the place
Always on my mind
Baby can't you stay?
I'm just really feelin' you
Got me in my feelings boo
But i know your intentions coo'

[Bridge: J. Dot & Isabel Gonzalez]
Your intentions, tell me your intentions
I've been tryna prep ya body for somethin' you've been missin'

You my world
(You my world)
You my everything
(You my everything)
And I'm just trying to show the world
(And I'm just trying to show the world)

[Verse 5: J. Dot]
I never let up
No I never let up
I've waited my whole life
To grant you these 7 letters of my last name
I know what that brings
I'm just trying to give you everything that the cash brings
Is that too much? Sorry if I do lust, let's do us
'Cause all these other b**hes can't really never intrude us
It's me and you versus them and us
I be chilling in the cut
Craving my baby's touch
I'm feeling you, rock it girl

[Outro: Isabel Gonzalez]
Feelin' you babe
Feelin' you babe...

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