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J Dot - Diamond Rings & Porsches lyrics

Diamond rings and Porsche
Diamond rings and Porsches

[Verse 1]
Is he a d-boy?
Nah, just a dope n***a
Not a decoy realer than most n***as
Hold your hand tight, real close to the river
Then you play your cards, got that from a dope dealer
See when you're high that's the sun, haters throw you shade
Tell me, what is there to lose when you know you're made?
Only time for us to prove, let 'em know the name
Uh, just now you're looking at a winner
I'm the big flame these other boys [?]
Diamond rings, Porsches, black chains is what I'm in
Porsches, top back switching lanes in the winter
I rather standout than to blend in
Said we here to take it so just know we're [?]
Only make moves when you know your heart's in it
Can't pretend -- the sky's the limit

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Sometimes I be chillin' in my fortress
Diamond rings and Porsche
Diamond rings and Porsches (x4)
Six hundred horses come ride with a boss, b**h

[Verse 2]
Hit the club last night and lost it
Treat the money like a bouquet and tossed it
Follow me as I show you where the bosses
While making dirty money look clean like I washed it
As we proceed to give 'em what they need
Though they mean no harm forgive them for their greed
While ya wasting time just know we will be above the law
And [?] k**ing 'em softly
Miseducated in my own raps
Was thought to get it poppin' [?]
Can miss a gate when it's your own flight
When the time you n***as board will be home twice
I'm living the dream that most n***as live in their dreams
But I live it in the vividest seen
Though they love it the way I floss
How I kick it, it seem cash rule everything around me
I'm addicted to green


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