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J Dot - Bury Me A G lyrics

[Verse 1]: Keenan Natural

Convos about dropping tapes and dropping out
Pops told me, "get your education then grind it out, go find it out."
Flowing on this mic just to show 'em what that minds about
Writing when my minds in doubt
City on my shoulders, and my minds a little BOLDER
My heart's a little colder and my flows below freezing
Kreative Mind Season, Kreative Mind Genocide when I ride
See the fire in his eyes. like a stove top
Everybody wanna float when the boat rock
f** em! f** em!
They can all drown, float, choke, overdose, comatose..
Diagnosed with some ill chromosomes while we chasing provolone, feta, cheddar, parmesan..
Like my name was Papa John
1st, never last, Hakeem Olajuwon, Hakeem Olajuwon

[Hook]: J. Dot

Temptation is key, temptation is key
Mama when I pa** away
Please bury me a G, a G, a G
Mama when I pa** away please bury me a G

[Verse 2]: J. Dot

Crowing of a king
All eyes on me
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It's me against the world
And soon the world GON' see
All these visions
Transmitted through a television
Envision my legacy sprouted amongst the trees
What do I leave?
Man I leave my heart
k** it from the start
No second breath
My side effects
Leave lil homies ill
I pick this up right where I left it
Moving like a militant soldier man
My mind stay protected
On this and that
This is wack
Everybody has their own opinion
I'm fishing for better
I'm fishing for better
These hoes is so boring
These hoes is so boring
I know half of these hoes out here totally adore me
That was spur of the moment
I'ma own it and be great
I apologize for the vanity
I'm still a slave


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