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Isaac Adni - The Brexit Song (Brexit Blues) lyrics

David Cameron's quitting
And Bo Jo will be in
We've signed a petition
And Trump might win

Leave served up lies
And Remain served up fear
We've killed our future
Cause the oldies don't care

I said oh
What a terrible world

And the economy's going to ruin

We got the Brexit Blues

The SNP are stronger
Than ever before
They'll have their independence
Maybe for sure

Soon negotiations
Will get underway
And we'll lose the tens of millions
That we thought we would save
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I said oh
What a xenophobic world

What are we gonna do?

We got the Brexit Blues

People voted
Without knowing what for
They blamed the immigrants
For making them poor

They didn't even know
What they were voting for

Oh woah
Nobody knows
What will happen
After Brexit

But more money has been spent
By the government
On fixing the country in the past few days
Than we would ever give to to EU

We got the Brexit Blues

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